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Premium Content for Enthusiast Audiences

We publish more than 100 special interest publications (SIP) a year, covering topics such as health and wellness, food, diet, and entertainment. These premium bookazines are developed by our award-winning editorial team and celebrity partners to speak to today’s consumers, offering them guidance, inspiration, and moments of escape.

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Optimism in magazine form, Drew is a quarterly feel-good publication devoted to beauty, love and fun. From lifestyle and beauty to travel and food, we seek out the people, places, products and ideas that shine. We share tips, tricks and how-to’s from those in the know. We’re accessible aspiration with real world inspiration and all the practical magic to bring it to life. And we’re so happy you’re here.


FEEL FREE magazine by interior designer Leanne Ford curates a space where you can feel the freedom of expression and a freedom from perfection. Joyful, elevated and funky, fun and undone, FEEL FREE gives you the confidence to bring what you love into your home with a “Choose Your Own Adventure” call to action. Leanne shares her favorite artists and inspirations and shows how creative people live, work and play–and how you can, too. Add to the mix fresh,“fail-proof” decorating tips, maker how-tos, quizzes, a great playlist and even free tear-out art for your walls and FEEL FREE magazine has everything you need for your own adventure.

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