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Impulse amplifies sales.

Impulse is seen as a natural phenomena — impossible to capture and reproduce. But inciting impulse is not alchemy.

It's an algorithm of key emotional motivators.

Emotions are powerful.

Faster Processing Time
More Persuasive
Quicker Response Time

When we shop, we like to think our decisions are rational. But in reality, they rarely are.

Our subconscious pushes us to action.

Emotional motivators help shoppers fulfill deep, unconscious desires.

Identifying and measuring these emotional motivators is complicated...

...because customers themselves may not even be aware of them.

We cracked the code.

We developed a proprietary algorithm incorporating sales data, thousands of product attributes and placement data to reverse engineer the most successful impulse programs in retail today.

The Impulse Equation explores the correlation between impulse success and psycho-emotional shopper motivators and is designed to help retailers capitalize on shopper impulse.


Learn how to jumpstart your impulse programs.

Watch a special presentation led by accelerate360 Chief Data Officer Liz Roche followed by a virtual roundtable with retail and merchandising experts.


Amplifying Impulse Sales for Retailers & Brands​​

General Merchandise

Health, Beauty & Wellness

We cracked the code.

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