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accelerate eCommerce

eCommerce Solutions

Building and growing a profitable eCommerce business is hard work. It takes a significant number of resources to be successful, and when done incorrectly it could have long-term consequences for your business. At accelerate360, we seek to understand your needs and develop a total eCommerce solution that will put you on the path to success.

Platform Development and Management Solutions

Retailer eCommerce

Retailer eCommerce

At accelerate360, we sell, market and manage brands on a variety of retail platforms including Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Boxed, Kroger, CVS, and Rite Aid. We partner with brands using a wholesale buy/sell model which means your success is our success. Unlike eCommerce agencies, we don’t markup marketing expenses. Instead, we develop a unique channel solution and marketing plan that meet's your brand’s individual awareness objectives to keep product moving.

Owned & Managed Marketplaces

Owned & Managed Marketplaces

We are leading online innovation with our own proprietary digital properties, including, a celebrity inspired fashion, beauty, wellness and home shop and, an active healthy lifestyle marketplace. We are also helping retailers expand their eCommerce offering via the development of a marketplace extension that brings in brands not currently sold in-store.

Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Platform Development & Management

Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Platform Development & Management

We provide turnkey, cost effective solutions for brands that want to build a direct-to-consumer presence. We design, build and manage a brand’s DTC business including Account Management, Customer Service, Accounting, Order Fulfillment, and if needed, we can provide 3PL services.


Scalable Fulfillment Solutions

Utilize our powerful logistics network and capabilities to streamline your online order fulfillment process.


Seamless integration from the customer’s order to one of our multiple DC around the US to pick, pack and ship.​


Transparency in customer service to order, contents and shipping status.​

Improved Business

We use the latest warehouse technology to achieve faster shipping times and make returns simple.

Quality Assurance & Care

We provide the highest levels of care and quality in packing and shipping.​

Let’s Get Started

"Jill and Ally is a give-back brand that is thrilled to partner with UsNow to help us scale our business and keep the buzz going around what's next!"

- Jill Zarin, Co-Founder, Jill and Ally

Additional Business Services

Wholesale Distribution



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