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Case Study

Business Service Provided:

Third-Party Logistics


Totes-Isotoner is a producer of everyday outdoor footwear, rain gear, and cold-weather accessories. Their products are made for the sunniest summer days, wettest rainy seasons, chilly winter nights, or just those grueling days you want to fall into the comfort of your couch. Consumers can purchase Totes-Isotoner products at general retailers, grocery, convenience, department stores as well as on direct-to-consumer websites.

Logistics Need

  • Long-term partner to support strong pipeline of new product introductions
  • Flexible order fulfillment ranging from one unit to several pallets
  • Competitive pricing for a year-round program with seasonal changes and merchandising needs
  • Visibility into inventory (200+ UPCs/SKUs) with accurate reporting through the usage of POS data
  • Management of replenishment product inventory
  • Receiving characteristics added (re-stickering of product) and palletization of product
  • Reverse logistics, returns, re-inventory, and disposal as needed
  • Faster and more consistent shipping timelines
  • Reliable and consistent retailer merchandising each week


Our team quickly onboarded Totes-Isotoner's Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, and Transitional product lines immediately providing cost savings with custom logistics services, shipments, and merchandising services at retail. Receiving, shipment accuracy, and timing improved immediately through the support of our robust network of fulfillment centers and added inventory visibility unlocked additional efficiencies across the apparel company's operations.

2021 Annual Volume

Our partnership will continue to grow as we continue to add new classes of retail trade.

Total Units
Totes Umbrellas
Totes-Isotoner Footwear and Cold Weather Gear
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